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    Well it is finally over. I was surprisingly calm during the hearing itself but once I got home I fell apart. I can't believe what a huge relief I feel that this is all over and done with. So I was sitting in the hall and my attorney came out and got me. I went and spoke with the judge and...
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    Here we go again

    I am sitting at my computer getting ready to compose yet another letter to my attorney as to what my conditions are, what my doctors are saying about them and how I feel they prevent me from working. This has got to be the 10th letter I have written on this same subject this year. I am getting...
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    Denied, again

    So, happy birthday to me. I got my letter from SSD yesterday (the 7th) stating that the review supported the initial determination, and that I'm not disabled. Yay - NOT. They CC'd my lawyers, s I'm guessing that my lawyers have already started the process of setting up a hearing with the...