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    Hi Everyone

    My name is Kim and I'm a 58-year old college professor. I was diagnosed in 1998 at Mayo Clinic and have other chronic conditions as well as fibro (Meniere's disease, herniated discs in neck, GERD, heart arrhythmia.) I teach from home 100% online. I still have to drag myself on campus a couple...
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    I could have sworn I posted on here but I can't find my previous thread. Anyway I've recently been diagnosed with FMS and I've now added Meneire's disease to my issues. My liver is enlarged, along with a bile duct and I also have an enlarged Thyroid gland. Not feeling too bad about it all...
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    Looking for Answers!

    Hello, I'm a 44 yr old male looking for answer could my problem be fibro.? The last 2 yrs i have had scans,mri's,blood test, stress test, (all normal) changed doctors after being misdiagnosed with meniere's disease, just a long roller coaster. My list of issue are Extreme...