1. 1sweed

    A Good Nights Sleep

    How many of you like me long for a good nights sleep without those aches and pains from trying to sleep on a mattress that is either to hard or to sagging soft. I have been using those mattress topper cotton fiber bed pads on top of my regular mattress for years. However, the last few I bought...
  2. W

    Hello, New and sharing my story.

    Hello there, I am brand new here and I hope not to make any faux pas during my 'initiation' phase. Lol! I am 27 years old and was diagnosed with Fibro around 2-3 years ago, resulted from an accident at work around 5 years ago which damaged my foot and has left me on crutches ever since. Here is...
  3. L

    My Husband is an *******!

    New to the forum. Thanks for all the amazing information. I want to cry knowing I'm not alone (okay I am actually tearing up - stupid emotions). So, I've been 'dealing' with all of my 'issues' for most of my life. I've actually had issues since I was a small child. My mother did what she...
  4. S

    2 years of not knowing whats wrong

    So, for 2 years i've been dealing with multiple issues, and doctors (Only been with 2) have only scratched their heads. I've been dealing with weird sensations on my skin like someone is poking my side when sitting back in a couch or when my skin is touching a surface, but this was only the...
  5. G

    Twitching and aching muscles question

    Dear all, I am a 25 year old male with some symptoms that have kept me worried over the last few months. The situation I have been dealing with in chronological order is the following: 1) Noticed an enlarged lymph node on my clavicle in December (painless and still enlarged at the same size...
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