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  1. 1sweed

    Do Any Of You Have Asperger's Along With Fibromyalgia?

    While I know we all struggle with Fibro here I wondered if anyone has ever been tested for autism and found they may have Asperger, which is the high intelligent end on the spectrum? I am going through some testing now to determine if I might have this condition and it would be nice to know if...
  2. S

    Looking for information on an old experimental treatment for Fibromyalgia / CFS

    I hope this is allowed here, I picked this forum vs the Alternative Treatment one for wider views in the hope I can get my questions answered. I'm 43 and I've had Fibromyalgia since I was around 15, in other words I've had it for so long that I remember when it was classified as a mental...
  3. S

    Mitochondrial Damage and Fibro

    I hope this is OK to post; I had been on salmeterol xianofoate for off-label use during a clinical trial I had participated in. Towards the end of the trial, I started coming down with myofascial pain and a litany of other health issues that worsened and evolved over the past 8 months; things...
  4. G

    Cure and treatment in Ayurveda

    Ayurvedic treatments are fast gaining popularity in the contemporary situation. There are many Ayurvedic ventures such as resorts, hospitals, massage centres and spas. Ayurvedic treatments are popular as they provide cure for the disorders of the hectic life. There are specific treatments for...