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    At the risk of sounding sorry for myself I find that I am just not in the mood for tomorrow. I envy my friends and family that are out and about and enjoying today and tomorrow with loved ones. My husband and I are alone today (by choice) but we are going to my daughters tomorrow to celebrate...
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    Compression stockings for Fibromyalgia

    New aids continue to be developed to make life more tolerable to fibromyalgia patients. An example is the U Comfort pillow. Another aid for fibro patients is the compression stockings or socks, a type of hosiery to improve circulation in the feet or lower leg. They are beneficial in people after...
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    "Must lie down now" but can't. Ideas?

    At the same time each day at work, I get an overwhelming urge to lie down. It feels like there's no blood getting to my head, like I'm going to pass out, I start getting a horrible headache. I feel shaky and can't think a coherent thought to save my life. This feeling gets worse and worse until...