1. Sagey


    Just was reading an interesting article about” chemogenetics” Scientist in the University of Oxford in the UK have been developing a protein That when placed in the experimentally damaged nerve cells of mice , decreased the nerve conductivity there by decreasing pain. The Protein is then...
  2. B

    Curious if this sounds like Fibro..

    Hey everyone I'm new here. I'm a 31 year old male who has had IBS, anxiety, irritability, tics, tremors, twitches, fidgety, fatigue, wake up feeling like I haven't slept...since I was a kid. Even as a kid, I thought I would end up with fibro someday. Most of my symptoms are in the right side...
  3. T

    Fibro Opinions

    Hi all, I'm just here to see if anyone with Fibromyalgia have similar symptoms as myself. I've been living with Spondylitis (Arthritis) for 20-25 years. So basically long term pain and fatigue. Over the last few years I seem to have added a new and very long list of symptoms that I'm dealing...
  4. SierraTrout

    Scared about getting orthodontics

    Hello everybody. My dentist says I need braces to fix overcrowding of my lower teeth but I've been putting it off because I'm worried it'll be very painful and I don't need more pain. Do any of you wear braces and how has the experience been for you? Thanks for your help, and hope you are all...
  5. S

    Fibro Test $700 have u done it?

    Has anyone done the epigentics fibromyalgia test and was it worth it? It;s $700 which my insurance does not cover. I spoke with the scientest about it and he said it has a 93% accuracy rate which is high and it RULES IN that you do Have Fibromyalgia and not something else. Thinking about doing...
  6. N

    Hello - just Dx'd and have some questions

    Hello, all! I was just diagnosed with fibro on Friday, although I had been having pretty much all possible symptoms on and off since the winter. Ugh. My other "major" diagnosis is Tourette's syndrome, which complicates the medication piece a bit, as apparently some fibro meds can exacerbate...