1. C

    So sick of being in pain! :(

    So for the last couple weeks the pain has been in my legs. Aching..annoying....dull pain. I spent this weekend driving four hours to a family thing. Then four hours back the next day. It was very windy on the way back. So it was a struggle to keep my van on the road. Today my right arm hurts so...
  2. MEgersheim

    Fibro Dr in Boston/Massachusetts area?

    Does anyone know of a specialist, chiropractor, pain specialist, herbalist, holistic doctor, MD who can perform acupuncture in the South Shore of Massachusetts? I have been searching for months and have come up with nothing. The only places I can find do not take insurance and at this time the...
  3. T

    so tired of being in pain.

    Hi everyone - thank you for taking the time to read my post. I have been reading a lot here the last few days. I have not officially been diagnosed yet but my Rheumatologist sent me home with bunches of website links and talked to us ( hubby) at length about Fibro at my appointment on...
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