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  • My next appointment I'm going to ask to try a different pain med. Maybe switching it up will help. I've taken hydrocodone, the same dose for 7-8 years. I wonder if I can get him to switch me to Percocet if that would work better. I still take them only as I need them and have never felt like I HAVE to have them....

    Take care and continue to let me know how you are doing.... Hugs <3
    I'm waiting to hear back on the results of a sleep study I did Thursday night. I'm stressing about the idea of having a CPAP. I guess I have signs of sleep apnea (when I do finally fall asleep). I'm hoping my husband will go do one as well. He worries me with his snoring and he stops breathing at times.

    I have always had to still take pain meds at times and I have yet to find a medication that completely takes the pain away. Managing to deal with some pain is doable, but it can be wearing. My pain med isn't working very well anymore, but my doc is not wanting to up it because he says it tends to work less as you get used to it....Duh! Don't most meds? Kinda like any of the meds we take for fibro. We have to go in and up the dose as our bodies get used to it.
    My husband and I were able to get away for a long weekend after Easter. It was the first time in several outings that I was able to ride my quad. It was great! I slept until 1:00 p.m. a couple of days and fell asleep about 6:30 p.m. one night, but I'm cool with that. Had friends with us....It was a wonderful camping trip! I felt so blessed that my good days coincided with the getaway. It doesn't always and I have had such few good days over the past year. I try to take it in stride. Yesterday was a really bad pain day. It's gorgeous outside and I'm like a bump on the couch. No energy to even get out in it. :-(

    Hopefully as you get to the proper dose, you will begin to be able to do more things you used too. Thank you so much for messaging me!
    (this will come thru in several posts because of the # of characters)

    I'm so glad the Gaba is working for you! That's encouraging! I guess it also helps with restless leg syndrome too. I get that sometimes. It's like my legs have anxiety in them....Weird huh?

    I am getting brain zaps and weird, nightmarish dreams. It's been 1 1/2 weeks. I have never had a drug that gave me withdrawals so this is disturbing to me. My ears sound like, if you've ever passed out before, when you start coming too, ya get this fuzzy sound? That's what I keep getting, but it flashes in and out with the brain zaps.

    I have heard withdrawals can last several months. I'm stressing a bit about that.
    Part 2 lol..

    Hope you are ok and how are things going with you trying to get off of Cymbalta. So you are having trouble sleeping I am going through that and so is my son is suffers from aniexity. We are trying Melatonin is in with the vitiams that you buy at the drug store all natural and it is working you take it one hour before bed and helps you sleep and have a better sleep just and idea.

    God Bless and keep strong and I pray you will find what works for you and have a managable pain free days ahead :)
    Hello just wanted to keep you up to day I am still on Gabapentin and no side effects and at first it was doing nothing but now I am taking 400 mg three times a day and seems to help the pain a bit. I am actually having a good day still have the pain in one side of me but it is manageable right now well today anyway. The other night went to the movies with my husband and while I was in so much pain by the time the movie got over for just sitting there could not believe how hard it it to do things I use to love. I got for a follow up in a week to see what the doctor wants to do with this medication but so far no complaints from me I realize that it is not going to take the pain away completly and I still have to take like advil or some kind of pain medication sometimes in between but getting there slowly.
    That's encouraging! I left my doc a message, but haven't followed up. I am going to start weaning myself off of the Cymbalta. I was going to wait until my sleep study was done (which was scheduled for tonight), but they called and had to reschedule it because one of the techs was sick. I've been stressing about this for days! And now I get to wait another month....So tonight will be day one without the Cymbalta.

    I'm so glad it seems to be helping you! I think my goal is to get off the Cymbalta and give my body a chance to purge it all out of my system.....Then see how I feel. If it gets worse, then I'll push to try the Gabapentin. If not, I may go without for a while. I've been on some kind of medication for so many years now. I'm tired of pills....And they worry people taking pain pills will become addicted...LOL I could throw them all away in an instant... :)
    Terbaer, just wanted to up date you on my progess with Gabapentin I started 200mg three times a day today a little tired but doing alright. I have been sleep at night without waking up. I still have pain but seems to be a little more manageable right now but I still have bad days. No major side effects except an upset stomache but that is because I changed the does. How are you doing did you speak with your doctor yet. Please keep me updated on your status and how you are doing. Keep stronge and I pray you will find what works for you. :)
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