1. L

    Just diagnosed

    Hello all. Glad to find this forum. I was just diagnosed July 13 after 3 plus years and 2 rheumotologists. Long story short, I started having pain all over. Holding my son's hand was painful. I joined a fitness boot camp and had to stop since the pain and fatigue was so bad. I thought I...
  2. VanGogh

    So called " support team "

    If I could clone myself I would! Somewhere, somehow I learned how to lovingly and caringly support my family and friends when they are ill or sick or discover that they have a serious condition. Here, from strangers we find HB's who know how to say the right things, to make suggestions that...
  3. W

    The skeptic gets slapped awake.

    Hi all. Hope all that read this are at the very least having a day they can handle. I was diagnosed a couple of years ago and i wasn't exactly in the believers camp, I have since joined said camp now. I not only have fibro I also have an undifferentiated inflammatory poly arthritis and...
  4. D

    My Letter to Fibro

    Dear Fibro, You came into my life unexpectedly, unannounced, and have set up camp indefinitely without my approval. I didn’t even know something like you existed, that I could ever share my life permanently, so early on with something so mysterious and uncurable. You took away my job, stunted...
  5. M

    thoughts ?

    Hi all, So glad to have support. I have been reading and I am thankful for this forum. I've been feeling crappy for roughly two years. It first came in the form of major digestion issues - I'd burp all the time and got no relief... just burp, burp, burp. I had seen many docs with regard to...