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Jul 31, 2017
Hello all. Glad to find this forum. I was just diagnosed July 13 after 3 plus years and 2 rheumotologists. Long story short, I started having pain all over. Holding my son's hand was painful. I joined a fitness boot camp and had to stop since the pain and fatigue was so bad. I thought I was crazy. My primary ran blood work and I have a low positive ana blood test. He sent me to my first rheumy. He started me on predisnone. Since I responded so well (magic drug) he said it was inflammatory. All other blood tests are negative. After 2.5 years of not being diagnosed with anything, I went to another rheumy. She did the pressure point on me. I had 14 out of the 18. She said definitely fibro but still could have inflammatory. My symptoms are extreme pain all over, fatigue, joint swelling, sensitivity to the sun and flourscent lights, mouth sores that come and go, hair loss. I start aqua therapy today. Hoping for some relief. I am still scared there is something else going on.
Mouth sores are terrible, I had them really badly while on methotrexate. I found that taking folic acid helped me with them, but that could have just been the solution while on methotrexate.

I am newly diagnosed too, glad you are here.
My mouth sores never hurt, just annoying. What are you on metatrexate for? I tried it for a while. Helped my pain but I was getting sick on it even after taking folic acid.
I was on it for my rheumatoid arthritis. I am currently in remission so I am off it for now. I was also on Enbrel, I think being on both is what put me in remission.
I had so many fears after being told I had Fibro. Take one day at a time, and trust me dont become overwhelmed with wwhat ifs. This group is a great place to get a load off your mind. God bless.
Has anyone suggested Lupus? The ana and the mouth sores might point that way. It's so very similar to fibro.
I have been seeing a rheumotologist for almost 3 years now. He believes I have something inflammatory especially since I did respond well to prednisone. I went for a second opinion. She feels it is not inflammatory and just fibro. I believe I may have fibro as well as inflammatory. I go back 8/9 to her. Since coming off the arava my pain and exhaustion is horrible. I started aqua therapy which feels great during the session but pain comes right back afterwards. I just feel like a guinea pig being pulled in different directions with no solutions. I am quickly becoming depressed. I have 4 kids and a sick husband that keep me going.
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