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    There have been a number of previous posts on acupuncture and whether or not these treatments have helped, but unfortunately those threads have been closed. So I guess I’ll just start a new one explaining my own experience. If anyone would like to share their recent experience with...
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    Chinese Medicine? Gui Pi Wan

    I read how the Chinese see fibromyalgia, disruption of the spleen and heart. Recommends an herbal mix of something called Gui Pi Wan. Anyone used or experienced this?
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    So this is what its about, Fibromyalgia! Dr never heard of it.

    I have not been able to work for 10 years now, I am too unreliable and am unable to attend a full day, let alone two days in a row. I have had to fund myself as I got no govt help as my Dr doesn't believe in actually helping me get any help. Why? She is not too sure what fibromyalgia is, but...
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    Hello - just Dx'd and have some questions

    Hello, all! I was just diagnosed with fibro on Friday, although I had been having pretty much all possible symptoms on and off since the winter. Ugh. My other "major" diagnosis is Tourette's syndrome, which complicates the medication piece a bit, as apparently some fibro meds can exacerbate...
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