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    Food induced fibromyalgia???

    So I've been suffering from chronic fatigue for several years. I've recently discovered a "cure" of sorts. As long as I don't eat, I start to feel fine. As soon as I eat *anything*, I start to feel like I fell down a flight of stairs. I seem to tolerate small amounts of fresh celery but...
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    New from Arizona

    Hi. My name is Linda and I'm 55. I used to be an employed engineer until this chronic pain condition killed my career a few years ago. I haven't been officially diagnosed with fibromyalgia but I strongly suspect that's what the rheumatologist will say I when I see him next week. It took me...
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    Gabapentin Reaction

    A few weeks ago I was prescribed Gabapentin to help with sleep. Earlier this week I was taken to the ER for what was thought to be an allergic reaction to the new med. In truth some of my symptoms were caused by the Gabapentin but not the serious ones. While in the ER blood panels were done...