1. B

    Seeking Feedback. Fibro, Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue or all or none?

    I'm still learning about what is and isn't fibro. Today. I got going okay this morning, I had an early appt, 8:30, but an hour later, I felt dopey tired. By 10 I felt good, into work and then about 12 I struggled to keep my eyes open. By 1 I'm up and off again. (this is bookwork o the...
  2. Drtohelpfibro

    Fibromyalgia book title feedback

    I am a physician with a soon to be published book on fibromyalgia and want input and feedback on the title. The book is meant for those with fibromyalgia and their loved ones. The following is the first couple paragraphs to get a feel for it. When I started medical school in 1992, I was...