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    New to forum. Fibro sucks.

    I am in my 40's. I was diagnosed a year and a half ago, after 5 years of misdiagnosis and doctors thinking i'm crazy. I had gone through extensive testing for Lyme, Lupus and MS. And doctors telling me I was depressed and that's why I felt the way I felt. I thought I WAS going crazy. My life was...
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    New..and waiting on diagnosis

    I’m what I consider still young at 34... so when I began experiencing awful pain I knew something wasn’t right. What finally led me to see my doctor and bring up my pain (which at the time was in my outer hips and thighs), was about a year ago, I couldn’t sit comfortably, stand comfortably or...
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    I am a new member

    I was diagnosed in March 2000. Doctor tried me on : Celebrex , Lyrica , Cymbalta , Neurontin . (Horrible side effects from the 3 above) The Neurontin gave me mini seizures , my head was so heavy I couldn't get my chin off my chest. I currently take the :Tramadol and Flexeril . I've...
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    Medication Question - How Much Do You Take If Any

    Hi, I'm curious - is anyone here able to successfully manage your symptoms with a minimum of medication? If so, how do you do it? Do you work full-time (either in or outside the home)? I work full-time in a fairly sedentary job 37.5 hrs per week, and take a lot of medication in order to do...
  5. L

    Flexeril and Weight Gain?

    anyone know if flexeril can cause rapid weight gain? in 4-6wks since i was prescribed and dx, im up 15lbs.... if it IS the flexeril, what is an alternative medication? thanks!
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    Flexeril and Weight Gain?

    Did any of you gain like ALOT of weight QUICKLY while taking Flexeril? My only other thought is the thyroid... but my level was normal at most recent labs, and this just was QUICK.... maybe the lowering of the thyroid didnt help??? So.... ANYONE??? 15lbs in a month 6wks most also, i never used...
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    Newly diagnosed and very confused

    I can't believe everything I am feeling is fibromylagia. 4 years ago I started having sciatica. It would come and go and I worked through it. Did Zumba, walked 2 miles several times a week. But the pain got worse then just didn't go away. Sent to physiatrist who said it was sciatica and...
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    newbie started on cymbalta

    I went for my first rheumatoligist visit yesyerday and she started me on cymbalta. I wondered how long it took for some people to feel any results with this. She referred me to a sleep psychologist and have me flexeril to take at night. She wants me to see a nuerologist but have not been able to...
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    First Pain Clinic Visit(need advice)

    I was diagnosed with fibro in February 2015. I was also diagnosed with severe anxiety and a couple other things. I currently take Cymbalta 90mg, Flexeril 10mg, Mobic 15mg, and Ambian 10mg. Ambian does not in any way help me sleep. My panic attacks and constant body pain keep me awake no matter...
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    New to the Forum

    Hello everyone - I’ve just been recently diagnosed, but have known for several years that I probably had fibro. My mom has it and was disabled because of it and she had seen symptoms developing in me. At her request, I went to see a doctor about it and he was none too happy that I was telling...