1. J

    Poor Health and All that Fluoride in our Bodies

    I've been active in anti fluoride battles for many years....long long story going back to 1948....bad bad stuff and this has been my "local" activist soapbox. Here is the last from our Govt. as brought to us by Dr. Mercola...I'm on various anti fluoride groups so I knew this "new" info, but...
  2. E

    tooth decay part of fibro?

    I can't find any real info, does anyone know if there's a link between dental decay and FM? I'm finding plenty on dental PAIN and fibro, but not about decay. For the past few years my teeth have been "dissolving" basically. The enamel is mostly gone, I get cavity upon cavity upon cavity, this...
  3. 1sweed

    Fluoride In Water Cause Of Fibromyalgia?

    I was reading an article yesterday about how the fluoride in our water supplies could be a reason for Fibromyalgia. It brought up some interesting points about fluoride that it was put in our water to help prevent tooth decay, but at the same time on our toothpaste tubes it clearly states that...