getting a diagnosis

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    Diagnosed with POTS, but could it be fibromyalgia?

    I was diagnosed with POTS when I was 17, but recently things have gotten way worse than my usual problems. My fatigue is through the roof, it’s so hard to get up and going, if I’m not working I’m sleeping. And I have depression/anxiety, but this isn’t my normal depressive tiredness, and my...
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    A continuing saga

    I continue to be frustrated with getting a diagnosis. Continuing pain and discomfort and fatigue. Up until this year I was working as a substitute teacher at a local girls high school. I loved working there and always felt like I was coming into a strong caring community. I have always had...
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    New to forums, not to fibromyalgia

    Hello, I was diagnosed with fibro in March 2015. I have a family history of ehlers-danios with my grandfather,mother,brother,uncle and cousin. I have a few symptoms similar to some of theirs but was never diagnosed. Have dealt with fibro pain for a few years before finally getting a diagnosis...
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    Anyone else rather have a RRMS diagnosis?

    Hi Everyone, I am new to the group and got a formal diagnosis of Fibro from my Neurologist recently. Have had severe chronic fatigue for about 25 years, I am a 45 year old female. Been screened for just about every thing that could be causing my illness, always trying to find out what is wrong...