Diagnosed with POTS, but could it be fibromyalgia?

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Jul 6, 2020
I was diagnosed with POTS when I was 17, but recently things have gotten way worse than my usual problems. My fatigue is through the roof, it’s so hard to get up and going, if I’m not working I’m sleeping. And I have depression/anxiety, but this isn’t my normal depressive tiredness, and my depression is doing really good overall. I’ve been having problems catching my breath, everything has me struggling with lightheaded-ness, dizziness, and muscle fatigue. My mom is a nurse of over 30 years, and she’s thinking I might have fibromyalgia, and I might have been misdiagnosed. I have IBS, insomnia, muscles pain/weakness, restless/twitchy legs, brain fog, light sensitivity, tension headaches, numbness and tingling, and other symptoms. How should I go about getting tested?
Hi Afowles, Find yourself a really good doctor who will listen to you and get various tests run to eliminate other causes. there's no final proof test for fibro, but until you have truly ruled out everything else you won't know. Some of the symptoms for POTS are similar to fibro but others are very different, so I have been told. So it should be possible to determine which you have, or if you have something entirely different. Fatigue, dizziness and hard time catching breath are associated with depression and anxiety as well as with other things. Get all the tests done, and do your research as best you can. Good luck.
Hi, I was diagnosed by a rheumatologist in 1992 for fibromyalgia. Three years ago I went for a hypothyroid test and the Dr. was more alarmed that my blood pressure was normal range when lying on table, but dropped very low upon sitting up. I have all your symptoms you stated you now have that are attributed to fibromyalgia. I've had sleep apnea tests that all were negative. My insomnia is awful and the neuropathy in my feet and ankles is controlled by gabapentin. Learning to adapt to the pain takes time and I finally learned to live with it and do what I can when I can. It is most difficult for family and friends to understand, but I stopped feeling guilty because I couldn't take part in the activities I used to do. Having to deal with IBS is a huge challenge. Let us know how you are doing.
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