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    Guaifenesin Protocol

    I was diagnosed with Fibro and RA in 4/2015. A double whammy for sure! I started getting Myer's Cocktails I.V. until Hurricane Maria wiped out the pharmaceutical factory in Puerto Rico & now the medications cannot be obtained. I recently started reading a book: What Your Doctor May Not Tell...
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    Need Help Drug Induced Fibromyalgia

    I am suffering with terrible pain and disability. I've recently been diagnosed with fibro but other Drs are not in agreement. About 4 years ago i developed severe tinnitus and was placed on a variety of antidepressants. I began to experience pain while taking Cymbalta and was cold turkey'ed...
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    Cancer and fibromyalgia

    Having successfully been managing fibromyalgia on guaifenesin for the last ten years I have recently stopped taking it after being diagnosed with colon cancer. I have had surgery to have a tumour removed from my colon and also liver surgery to remove a node that had spread to my liver. Doctors...
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    Guaifenesin Protocol

    Hi, I shattered my left femur from hip to knee on 2011, from that time I have not had a day without pain and so many crazy symptoms. I was having an especially bad day and was standing in line at a grocery store, when the woman in front of me turned and said, "You're really hurting, aren't you...
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    Does anyone follow the guaifenesin protocol? I read about it in a book by Dr St Armand. I'm carer for my son here in the UK and we're having some success with it, but would appreciate other followers' experiences of it
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    Sick with a cold and used Mucinex - Guaifenesin

    Hello. I'm joining this forum to say hello and to offer my story on my recent use of Mucinex during a 10 day nasty cold virus. My history with Fibromyalgia - I have known I've had it for over 15 years and I have tried to manage through the pain and over the last year it has almost disabled me...
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    I'm new here

    Hi everyone. For the past couple of years I have been in a lot of pain. It started as peripheral neuropathy in my feet and hands. I also have plantar fibromas in my feet. Walking is painful and I can't be on my feet much. I had a stressful job that I eventually quit due to pain. My plan...
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    New to the Group - Lots of questions, please!

    Hi, I have had pain for a long time and I am finally going to a rheumatologist today. I have been doing a lot of research on fibromyalgia and I have almost all the symptoms. Can someone advise me on things I need to ask the doctor, please. Also, is anyone getting relief from anything they...