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Sep 25, 2018
I was diagnosed with Fibro and RA in 4/2015. A double whammy for sure! I started getting Myer's Cocktails I.V. until Hurricane Maria wiped out the pharmaceutical factory in Puerto Rico & now the medications cannot be obtained. I recently started reading a book: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You about Fibromyalgia - The Revolutionary Treatment That Can Reverse the Disease
By: R. Paul St. Amand,M.D. and Claudia Craig Marek. The protocol recommends taking up to 3600mg of Guaifenesin in divided doses daily and eliminating all exposure to salicylates, plant oils except for corn, olive and canola. Has anyone tried this and have they had any positive results?
Any time I hear of a wonderful new cure or reversal of Fibro, honestly I worry about the effects on people who try these treatments and risk more health issues and don't see any improvements. I know how easy it is to get excited about something that sounds so good and so wonderful that promises to take away our pain and other symptoms and make us all better again, but sadly in most cases the slight if any improvement is not worth the risk. There is at this time no cure for fibro.

Now that is not to say that with proper rest and with less stress, etc... and a host of other tips offered by our members that you can find yourself having more good than bad days, but please be careful in taking large doses of any medication from doctors or over the counter, without weighting all the pro's and con's. Many people get lured out of their hard earned dollars trying anything and everything in thinking it will cure them.and fall into depression or worse habits when that hoped for release of pain and other symptoms does not leave.

Just be careful and be safe. I hope other members will offer their opinions as well. By the way welcome to the forum. Look forward to reading your posts.
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