1. M


    When you guys talk about itchy skin, is it the surface of the skin, or a deep itching? Recently I've been getting 'itchy skin' spots. but it feels like it's deep down in the tissue where I can't reach it. I get a kind of itchy bump sometimes (that docs think is relate to herpes simplex) that is...
  2. Sagey

    "Another Fibro Medication bites the dust"

    Hi all, An article about National Pain dated 7/2017 revealed that, Three drugs were upcoming for the treatment of Fibro Unfortunately 2 of them did not pass clinical trials. TNT-102 and Mirogabilin were found to be ineffective in Fibromyalgia. IMC1 the third med will go into clinical trails...
  3. B

    Dr. Pridgens Famvir + celebrex treatment

    Anyone here tried antiviral treatment for fibromyalgia, or know someone who has? I've been reading about Dr. Pridgen and his antiviral + celecoxib combo, and its some interesting stuff. There Is also a Dr. Wyller in Oslo university looking into the herpes simplex and its connection to ME/CFS.
  4. S

    Herpes/Fibro, IMC-1 update

    I see there had been a previous thread about this clinical trial. So supposedly there were positive results (although no results have been posted on the NIH database) and it has been granted fast-track status by the FDA, and phase III is scheduled for 2017. I don't know how all the pieces fit...
  5. D

    New treatment on the horizon?

    I read a news article today that a possible new treatment for fibromyalgia passed phase 2 trials. The drug is called IMC-1. The trial had promising results on fibromyalgia patients. IMC-1 is designed to suppress the activity of herpes simplex virus 1 (the kind that causes cold sores). I hadn't...
  6. 6

    No pain/pressure points. Do I not have fibro then?

    Mine started shortly before my mom died last year (nov). It felt like bone pain--shoulders, forearms, outer hips, knees, hands, fingers, feet, legs. I thought initially it was b/c I had stopped my cal/mag suppliment (on account of supposed IBS triggering). I went back on it and the pain went...
  7. M


    Hello Everyone, I'm new here but I have been fighting with Fibromyalgia and chronic pain since 2009. I have had RA since I was 12 and was in remission for several years. In 2007 I needed to have my lower back fused. And unfortunately in 2013 my now exhusband gave me the herpes virus. I...
  8. D

    Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and herpes virus

    I am wondering if chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia are the side affects of having the herpes virus. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with herpes virus and was very shocked. I didnt know I had it. I must have had it for 20 years, given to me by my previous husband. I was not in a...
  9. G

    guillan barres syndrome or fibro?

    Hello t2009, Your onset and progression is way too fast to be a neurological disorder. When reading your post i did think it sounded like possibly guillan barres syndrome with its sudden onset. then i read you tested positive for west niles virus,it may have been some time ago but these things...