magnesium citrate

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    I've read many articles correlating magnsium deficiency and fibromyalgia symptoms. For example, Mayo Clinic did a clinical trial of a topical Magnesium solution. They claim to have positive results. Anyone here who has tried Magnesium supplements? Do you feel they're helping? Thank you!
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    Supplements that I presume have helped

    Over the past month I've added some vitamins/supplements sporadically; not daily, but on a fairly regular basis. I'm going to outline what I've taken, and what I've seen improvements in. Q-nol CoQ10 - 1-2x per week Solgar B-50 complex - 1x per week store brand Vitamin D3 1,000mg - apprx. 3-4x...
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    I am going to share the names of some very good supplements that really work.

    Hello everybody my name is Michael I am a caregiver and a licensed CNA I look after my grandmother who has had Fibromyalgia since 2001 and I just wanted to share the names of some supplements that I have researched and recommended to her because I am always on Facebook and I knew some people who...