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    Baby, it's cold outside.

    Hope all my fellow fibro fighters are staying warm. This burst of cold arctic air is miserable. 14 below here on the Maine coast, 30 below with wind chill, at 7am. And I know it's colder elsewhere. Dreading heading to work today as the cold amplifies the pain and I'm shuffling like a zombie. At...
  2. K


    I was diagnosed with FM in 2007 by my PCP. He has been treating me with different things over the last 7 years. We are doing Lyrica right now and for the most part it has helped, but I have been feeling worse and worse for the last 4 months or so. I am also prescribed muscle relaxer and...
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    Welcome to winter! We just experienced a tremendous early nor'easter here in Maine. Fourteen inches of wet heavy snow and gale force winds. Trees down, power out for three days, cold and miserable. I am aching and exhausted from shoveling and lugging water and firewood, but ya gotta do what ya...
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    Five trips to ER this week with my hubby. Exhausted!

    My sweet guy who is disabled so mostly understands my challenges got knocked low this week with an unrelenting bout of Cyclic Vomiting. Since we are back in Maine, it took 5 trips to the ER before one contacted docs in WA and found out that I did know the treatment protocol that works...