1. Y

    Flare-Ups & Work (Ranting)

    I have been having the start (or worsening of) a flare-up for the past three days. It seems like I am always in a flare-up since I was diagnosed a year ago. I work full time as a private security sergeant and go to school part-time. I have been trying for three days to get someone to cover my...
  2. HordesOfKailas

    Questions about fibro support

    Hi everyone. This is my first post, so let me introduce myself. My name is Kailas and I'm dating a girl with fibromyalgia. We've been together for roughly five and a half years and she was diagnosed just about a year ago, when she was 21. I've done a lot of reading about how to support someone...
  3. H

    Keeping up with Physical Exercise

    Does anyone have suggestions on how to maintain physical exercise, even through dealing with this condition? I don't mean rigorous exercise, but gentle exercises that can boost patient morale. Some of my patients have gotten depressed that they could not keep up with workout regimens, so I was...