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    GLUTEN could be slowing doing us in

    Title Should read: GLUTEN could be slowly doing us in, could be Faster than Slowly. If you are a cereal, bread, bagel person....even more so. I've done a lot to get off gluten products....Just listening to a doctor on my radio and he's going on and on about gluten. Personally I have NOT...
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    Glad to be here!

    Good morning! I am excited to be here! Like you, I am a fibromyalgia suffer x 6 years. I hope to contribute a lot to this forum, being a fellow sufferer! Thank you for reading! Angie
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    The Pituitary Gland approach?

    Has anyone approached the pituitary gland and testing to see if this is the problem? I am reading a new book and this Physician focuses on hormones and different effects the pituitary gland can have on us. In terms of Fibro... I have a Dr. appointment tomorrow and want to approach this with...
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    Hi all, my name is Stephanie and I am from the UK. I have had hypermobility syndrome since birth but was only diagnosed in 2000, when I also found out I had been struggling with Fibromyalgia - described to me at the time as an undiagnosed neurological condition! lol, we have all heard it before...