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    I remember laying in bed with severe leg and foot pain as early as 8 years old. My Mother would tell me ' It's just growing pain'. When I became an adult, was no longer growing, and still had the pain, it was obvious that the pain I was experiencing was not 'just growing pain' but something much...
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    Partner Tentatively Diagnosed

    I'm dealing with doctor frustration like never before!! I personally suffer with Interstitial Cystitis and I feel I'm pretty used to dealing with doctor silliness, but I don't understand this at all. About 6 months ago, in October 2016, my partner (19 y/o female) began experiencing abdominal...
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    Pain medications with no prescription required

    No Advertising On This Forum. No Medications Sold Here.
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    Medications: Lines of defence

    Fibromyalgia being a syndrome manifests in different ways in different people with the chronic denominator being pain. Pain medications are indispensable to ameliorate the same. Some medications like Aspirin and Panadol can be classified as the first line of defence while common fibromyalgia...
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    Desperate for help!

    I am a 22 year old female with no prior health conditions or troubles. On December 1st 2015 I woke up during the middle of the night with the left side of my chest and left arm numb.. Also some mild pain but mostly a very numb uncomfortable feeling. After waking up and moving around the pain...
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    Pain Medications

    Hello, My Dr. just put me on hydrocodone 10/325 mg three times a day. Helps greatly, but I'm still in "full body pain". It works great for about 2 hours, then wears off. I was previously prescribed gabapentin which did nothing at all for the pain, so he took me off that and put me on the...
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    When is it okay to take narcotics?

    I am fighting with this. People say you're in pain for a reason and you are just masking it but with Fibro that pain is a miscommunication with the brain so it is telling you something is wrong with your hip when your hip hurts but there is nothing wrong with it. Mine hurts all the time and...
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    So Proud of Hubby

    So, these last few months my husband has really been struggling with his pain and with his ambition. It had gotten so bad here recently that he had pretty much given up on everything that matters. I mean he wasn't working the way that he ought to or treating me right either. Well, I guess he...
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    Just a quick hello. i have been dealing with FM for about 14 1/2 yrs--at least that is when i started needing Rx pain medications. I think I have had symptoms for years, they were just mild enough at times to pass off as something else. Bladder issues were not mild, but i found ways to...
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    My husband has recently decided that he is done with the narcotic pain medications that he has been on for years now. This prompted us to start a search for something that will help him deal with the pain but that is a more herbal remedy, we found Kratom. This is from a tree that is related to...