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    The skeptic gets slapped awake.

    Hi all. Hope all that read this are at the very least having a day they can handle. I was diagnosed a couple of years ago and i wasn't exactly in the believers camp, I have since joined said camp now. I not only have fibro I also have an undifferentiated inflammatory poly arthritis and...
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    I have to have an endoscopy due to GERD and other symptoms. I was supposed to have it done in December, but I had pneumonia at the time and had to reschedule. Well, it's coming up on Tuesday and I'm scared to pieces as they are going to put me under anesthesia. I've got several medication...
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    Fibromyalgia and Daily Functioning

    Hello, everyone. I was hesitant about joining a support group of any kind, because I felt like it would mainly consist of complaining (on my part), and I didn’t want to annoy people. I finally decided that I was merely being close-minded and that I needed to talk with people dealing with...
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    Hi, I have been struggling for a number of months since having pneumonia in May. I had complete renal failure and nearly died. Since then I have severe joint pain, which I thought was osteo arthritis, and a severe headache which never goes away. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
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    Need answers! please!

    Hi all, This all started 2 months ago... started feeling like an inside tickle on my left buttock and fitness Het a very uncomfortable sensation then felt it in ny left shoulder and upper back the similar sensation but it was unbearable like a inside deep tickle that made me want to hold my arm...
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    Hi to All

    Just got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.I don't know if I have it for sure or if the Neurologist was just guessing cause he had no clue what was wrong with me.They say I have to do one more test,electrical something or other? My brief history is that ive always suffered from depression,or a...
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    Young mum in need of help

    I have two beautiful children (4 and 2) After my second child was born (both csections) I started getting awful pain in my right lower abdomen, sometimes what felt like cervical twinges. I ignored it for awhile thinking it was just my body adjusting to having children. I went back to work and...
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    update on xrays

    The nurse called and reported that there was nothing on xray. I don't understand how they could first say there was evidence of pneumonia and something else unknown and now there is NOTHING?. Okay, I guess i'll quit worrying until I find a good doctor who can truly address my issues. Thanks to...
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    prayers please

    Hi everybody. I've been dealing with FM for 15 yrs now. Not under control(although, after reading the posts here I don't think FM is ever really under control). Have not found good doctor and finances have been tight all these years. Anyway, you guys understand how I must be feeling. Add to...
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    Doctor Doesn't Believe Fibromyalgia is a Real Diagnosis

    Hi, I have been having medical issues for at least eight years, and have been brushed off and offered antidepressants for most of them. Fall of 2013, I got a lot worse. Extreme fatigue, moderate pain to severe at times, insomnia, waking up like I took a beating all night long, cannot find...