positive thinking

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    How, how, how?

    Today I have brought myself to ask me the biggest question I have been asking myself since I have been diagnosed with FM. How at 19 years old Almost 20 explain to my friends and family besides my mother who knows because we are so close what I go through on a daily basis. Between the pain and...
  2. R

    Doctor diagnosed with myofascial pain syndrome

    Hi everyone! I have recently been diagnosed with myofascial pain syndrome. It took me a long time to get any doctor to diagnose me with anything at all. I have been suffering from tmj disorder, a sleep disorder and chronic neck and back tension along with a slew of other random symptoms. I also...
  3. G

    NO diagnosis...worsening conditions.

    Hi everyone- Some of you may remember I posted here a few months ago, indicating problems with hand dexterity, face muscles feeling week and strange nerve like pain. About 8 months later, 2 limbs EMGs, head MRI, CT scan of chest, battery of blood work, (all negative) I ended up at MGH in...