1. S

    How should i start?

    Hi, my name is Tudor, and I’m from Romania. I’m 18. During last 3 years I have had pains. Firstly it was my back that hurted. I was lifting weights when my problems appeared so I thought it was a spine pain(caused by a vertebra hernia). The additional pain was felt in inguinal area( between...
  2. Yatte

    Fibromyalgia and Religion

    We all have different religions and belief systems. Some of us use our religion to strengthen our spirits, while other use it as a means to healing. I have heard a few people mention that since being diagnosed their believe and relationship with God has been strengthened and this helps them cope...
  3. 1sweed

    Good Day To You All!

    Let's open this thread to a new day every day. Lets say hello and meet as new friends each morning or afternoon or night. Lets share how our day is going or what the weather is like in the place you live, Feel free to express your self and share interesting thoughts or things you have learned...