sore spots

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    Massaging sore spots

    Does massaging sore spots actually do any good? They feel like they need to be massaged because they're painful, but when I do massage them, the next day it just feels bruised, even when I don't touch them. Also, I seem to have trouble with sore spots on my ribs (as well as everywhere else)...
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    Newly diagnosed with fibromyalgia

    Hello, I'm not sure how this forum works so I apologize If I'm doing this wrong. I was diagnosed this September this year with fibromyalgia. I thought I had ra since I have 3 sister's with it. I went to see a new ra doctor and he believes I don't have ra. He did the 18 point test on me and...
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    Possibly Fibromyalgia, Anxiety, or something else?

    Hello, all: I've been dealing with a tingling (and occasionally burning) sensation on the left side of my body. It started almost two weeks ago when I had what I believe was a panic attack while driving home from work. I had to pull over into a parking lot and call a friend to come get me. My...
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    My Success Story.. May help you!

    Hi there :-o I'm a 27 year old male that has gone through the rough end from the age of 16 and now over 10 years later I have become stronger and stronger to the point now I would say I am getting close to normal. This post will be about my story of years of researching, seeing dozens of...