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    Food induced fibromyalgia???

    So I've been suffering from chronic fatigue for several years. I've recently discovered a "cure" of sorts. As long as I don't eat, I start to feel fine. As soon as I eat *anything*, I start to feel like I fell down a flight of stairs. I seem to tolerate small amounts of fresh celery but...
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    It's official - starting on the right foot

    Hi all, Fairly new to the forum (been poking around since I realised I probably had fibro). I saw the rheumatologist yesterday and it's more or less official: I have Fibro. He checked for tender points (didn't get a count, but I have a bunch) and the symtoms questionnaire all came up positive...
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    Car accident need advice

    Hello everyone, I have had fibromyalgia since 1996. I am the mom of seven children and began having some symtoms in 1986 after the birth of my son but wasn't diagnosed til 96. I get horrible chronic migraines also and have a hard time sleeping. On 3/25 I was in a car accident. I was rear...
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    sleep problem

    Hi Does anyone get sonething like restless leg symtoms in your torso? I have not had the need to stretch so much at night before? My dr.says it is probably from the muscles being so sore. He did prescribed cymbalta. Just wondering this just started a couple of weeks ago for me. Thanks
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    diagnosed with fibromyalgia

    I am having new symtoms at night. The need to stretch alot. My dr. Told me it is probably from the sore muscles. It is like restless leg syndrome but in my torso more. He also has prescribed Cymbalta. This is new to me so jyst wondered if anyone else had this feeling. Thanks
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    Newly diagnosed and Strange symptoms

    Hello Im hoping someone understands these strange symtoms i have. I was diagnosed in Feb 2014 with fibro, I have numbness at the top of my thighs where my pelvis and thigh meet as well as washboard (thats the only way i can describe it)thigh muscles that are extremely painful. I have seen a...
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    chronic muscle spasms

    Hello Everyone, I've had chronic muscle spasms since 2006 all over my back. I've gone to primary doctors also chiropractors, no one could really ever tell me what was wrong. I had only one doctor a year ago to tell me it was fibromyalgia when I went to emergency room . I don't know if I have...
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    Having multiple symtoms

    Don't know if this is the right place to post new threads but here goes. the last few days have afforded me a little relief from my symptoms.I am dealing with pain fatigue a bit of dizziness and other symptoms including numbness in my fingers. I would welcome any suggestions for relief. I am...
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    Having some symptoms, looking for opinions

    Hi. I would like to give you a history of what I have experienced over the past year and 2 months. (previously healthy, no medical conditions what so ever) April 22 2012. I went to emerg because I was experiencing dizziness and my upper arms and upper legs were tingling. Multiple tests were done...
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    About me and FM

    Thanks for all the welcome that I have received. I hope that I am using the site properly, I am a bit lost but I will get there eventually. I am from the beautiful Nature Island of the Caribbean, Dominica. My country is situated between the 2 french island Guadaloup and Martinique. I was...