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Cloud Kitten

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May 15, 2024
Hello all, I have had fibromyalgia for 20 years and I have somehow kept working ( not sure how) Recently diagnosed with Vestibular Migraine after a bout of BPPV. Anyone else? I have lost time of work and I am not feeling good about this at all. I am trying to get back to work but I am off balance for most of the time and feel inadequate - currently waiting on whether my employer will allow me to go back whilst I am still 'off kilter'... Oh my, oh my ... 'Chin up' ( well actually, that makes me unsteady) 😂

I was a member of a UK forum years ago but it seems like it is gone now ---- any ideas or similar struggles welcome and appreciated

I have come of Betahistine as advised and now taking the odd cyclizne which is an anti sickness but this just makes me sleep and is not at all helpful as I feel drowsy and brain foggy to the extent that I fall into a fixed daydream .. Anyone else? I feel like this without it, it just adds to the problem

Hope you all have a positive day -- Sent with love for all fellow fmmers
Hi @Cloud Kitten
Welcome again :)

I don't think I have anything other than fibro, but now that I've been diagnosed it answers so many questions as to why this or that.

I have found the support and interaction on these forums excellent! I sure hope you find the same ;)

In the media section, somewhere is a meme and it refers to us as fibromites. I like that term ;)

hugs 🤗🤗🤗