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Dr. Patrick Embley, PT is a Rheumatologist that deals with Fibromyalgia patients out of his office in White Rock, BC.

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  • Physical Therapist

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Advanced Physiotherapy
White Rock, BC V4B 2P4


Please, May I see Dr. Embley?

I'm only 52 and in almost constant pain - physically and emotionally exhausted because of it.  Over the past 10 years, I've undergone many tests, all with normal findings - which is great but, then if I'm the picture of health, why am I in so much pain and why am I so tired all the time?  It's getting worse and affecting my professional and personal life alike.  

Mostly, I've been told that what I'm feeling is normal for my age but, I find that really hard to believe. Many days I feel like I'm literally dragging myself around and each step feels like my legs might suddenly just collapse.  Even a shopping spree is impossible because once I've gotten myself to the Mall and walked around, I'm far too tired to try anything on - even shoes!  I've been given hints over the years of: IBS, Disc degeneration of C5-6-7, slight curvature in lower spine, Sciatica and most recently - Fibromyalgia (said matter-of-factly, at the last minute of an appointment, with hand on door knob, before exiting quickly, "Oh, well it's Fibromyalgia!"). That was it, no further explanation or offer of help.  

In summary, I'm searching for a Doctor familiar with Fibromyalgia who is able to confirm that diagnosis and then help me to learn what will help me cope or even find some relief.  Please, I'm almost ready to beg.

Sincerest Regards,

Denise Hills

Mobile:  604-789-9797


I have been suffering with sciatica and knee pain for 6 months. I have visited a chiropractor, acupuncturist and received regular physio therapy for 2 months. Nothing helped my painful condition until I was helped by Dr.Patrick Embley with IMS. I have had 3 visits and there has been a significant improvement. Dr. Enbley validates your concerns and is very thoughtful and kind. He is reachable via email if you have any questions or concerns. Sincerely Tina


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