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Undstanding Paresthesia's Connection to Fibromyalgia

Paresthesia is a condition that results in a burning sensation, tingling, prickling, or even numbness. This condition often occurs in the hands and extremities of the body. The symptoms associated with this condition can vary in severity from mild to very severe. Depending on the reason paresthesia is present, the condition may last chronically or it will disappear after a short period of time. With fibromyalgia, it is not uncommon for paresthesia to occur without the sensation of pain, but pain can be felt sometimes when it is present.

Recruiting women with Fibromyalgia, Jaw Pain and Trouble Sleeping

Do you have fibromyalgia pain?

Researchers at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and University of Maryland Dental School are looking for volunteers with widespread pain that includes jaw pain (TMJD) to participate in a research study to investigate the effect of three different non-drug treatments on pain and sleep symptoms.

Who's eligible?

- Women, 18-60 years old

- Jaw pain for 3 months or more

- Have sleep difficulties

Pain and Fatigue Study from 2008

I was looking around for news about Fibromyalgia, and I stumbled upon this older article from 2008. I've always wondered why it seems that specific ailments target one gender more than others. The first time I encountered the situation was when I finally found a name for my bladder condition, and attended an event on the subject. It seemed 9/10 of those diagnosed were female, and I've found that Fibromyalgia also seems to target women more frequently than men, although I'm not sure the numbers are quite as extreme with Fibromyalgia as is the case with Interstitial Cystitis.

Breakthrough Treatment for Fibromyalgia and Chronic fatigue

Trauma, repetitive stress injury, scarring, inflammatory reactions, the effects of gravity on a poorly aligned body and life stressors can all create restrictions in the myofascia. These restrictions cause pain and stiffness making it difficult for you to move and prohibiting you from doing those things you love to do.  Fascia is a thin connective tissue that runs from the top of the head to the tip of the toes in an uninterrupted web. It surrounds all the organs, lymph and blood vessels, the nerves, the brain and spinal cord, and every muscle in the body.

Pain- Your Alarm system

Pain is multifactorial: physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. Pain is REAL. When you are in pain, you are vulnerable. In the vulnerability there is a portal that opens any/all wounds that are waiting to be healed. At the moment of connection it can feel like you have stepped into a deep blackness. It is terrorizing and there is a chilling aloneness that cannot be described. Fear grips you as you cannot feel the ground beneath your feet. Your body tenses as a natural normal response to the fear and pain blocking the flow of vital life-giving oxygen and nutrients. Energy is blocked.

Need Your Help With Fibromyalgia Drug Trials

We have a difficult time finding news and information about upcoming drug trials related to Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, chronic pain, and related symptoms.  If you have any information about websites that cater to this important information, or work for a pharmaceutical company or similar goverment organization that provides information about upcoming drug trials please contact us.