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Dr. Luis A. Del Rosario Cabral, MD is a Rheumatologist that deals with Fibromyalgia patients out of his office in West Melbourne, FL.

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  • Adult Rheumatology

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964 S Wickham Rd, Suite 1
West Melbourne, FL 32904
United States


As a doctor, he is dangerous! I was a Fibromyalgia patient of his for less than a year. This is is a difficult illness to treat. However, the doctor took me on as a patient, so the responsibility for my care was in his hands! I was having SIDE EFFECTS WITH THE PAIN PATCH BURNING AND IRRITATING MY SKIN AND BECAUSE I HAD LOST A LOT OF WEIGHT, KNEW SOMETHING NEEDED TO CHANGE.!I So, I called the office. I could not use their preferred method of communication which is an online patient portal (no online access due to a computer hacker that hacked my wife's computer and infected all our devices at home!). ALL IT TOOK FOR THE DOCTOR TO DROP ME AS A PATIENT AND PLACE MY LIFE IN HARM WAS 30 MINUTES! The office called me to tell me that "the doctor is referring me to pain management" ! Pain management in Florida is a slippery slope where patients are treated as drug abusers, all patients must be guilty of abusing or else doctor would keep them as patients, and you get to pee in a cup each visit to see if you are being bad! No reason why he was dropping me as a patient, and I unkindly declined the offer of pain management! For goodness sake, this office had me sign a statement that I could be fined $ 10,000 if I misused the prescribed pain meds! Why would I jeopardize something I needed! The dangerous aspect: I was on my last patch and I KNEW THAT ABRUPTLY STOPPING WOULD CAUSE DETOXING SIMILIAR TO A HEROIN USER! If anything during my four years of chronic pain, I am an informed patient, which is my responsibility! Pain Management called me 8 DAYS AFTER this doctor dropped me to schedule my first appointment! Meanwhile, I went into detox, at home, alone! The worst night, I barely recollect what I did and somehow broke a window and trashed parts of my house! What I do remember is RED PAIN AND AGONY AND WAKING UP ON THE FLOOR! THE NEXT MORNING! Why didn't I seek help, you ask?! The day the doctor dropped me, I tried to get into one treatment center, called all the other rheumatologist offices, called psychiatrist for hospital referral, and in the end, was told to go to local mental health, Circles of Care! I call that place CIRCLE OF UNCARING WHERE THEY WOULD SEE ME AS A DRUG ABUSER AND TREAT. ME. LIKE. ONE! BY MY PATIENT CHART, THIS DOCTOR WOULD HAVE KNOWN I WAS DUE FOR A NEW SCRIPT BECAUSE EACH MONTH I HAVE TO CONTACT THE OFFICE AND PICK UP THE SCRIPT. Florida IS the worst state to be in for those of us with chronic pain conditions as some DOCTORS and THE DRUG ABUSERS HAVE EARNED FLORIDA THE NAME OF "PILL MILL" AND LEGITIMATE PATIENTS OF PAIN MEDS ARE VIEWED AS DRUG ABUSERS BY DOCTORS AND PHARMACIST. The current reforms the state of Florida and the DEA are implementing makes it so Pharmacies don't stock enough product and we need to use multiple pharmacies! This pharmacy doesn't know you and as you explain about the first pharmacy stop, you can see the pharmacy employee stiffen up and they will say they are out! You are now labeled as a drug seeking abuser of pain meds! Oh, second day detox, I HAD TO GO TO ER! The doctor was cool, settled my body down with meds, and script for med to help with detoxing and follow up with my primary doctor, which I, the RESPONSIBLE PATIENT, did! I read the paperwork last week; the ER doctor diagnosis: Drug addiction and recommended treatment center for drug abuse! Geeezzz... Today, I am off not only the pain patch but another pain med as well. The doctors prescribe pain meds for chronic pain while slapping our hands for potential drug abuse! I know what a drug abuser is and I am not one! I am now researching Fibromyalgia doctors outside Brevard country and holistic ways of managing the pain! Oh, I am not even going to discuss the impact on my marriage except to say it will take a lot of work on my part to repair my marriage! I am not posting out of malicious! THIS IS THE TRUTH OF WHAT HAPPENS TO ME WITH THIS DOCTOR! Please avoid this doctor!


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