Dr. Meggan C. Mackay, MS, MD

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Dr. Meggan C. Mackay, MS, MD is a Rheumatologist that deals with Fibromyalgia patients out of his office in Manhasset, NY.

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  • Adult Rheumatology
  • Internal Medicine

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The Feinstein Institute
Manhasset, NY 11030-3816
United States


visited Dr. Meggan Mackay for a second opinion and to look into some troubling symptoms I was experiencing. I arrived at my appointment to find her running two hours behind. I briefly interacted with her belligerent receptionist.

I found Dr. Mackay a bit intolerant, impersonal and detached. She asked if I was interested in visiting the clinic again. I answered honestly that I needed her to confirm or deny my prior diagnosis. I did not plan on returning. I never heard from Dr. Mackay again. The appointment was a complete waste of time. I submitted all of my blood tests and other info she requested only to received no information about my diagnosis.

She does pro-bono work for Lenox Hill. I did not realize this, so I think she may have been screening patients for some study. I wish I had known prior to scheduling this appointment. Four months later, I am no closer to understanding if I was properly diagnosed.

Some Doctors Suck. If you want to see someone who ignores you, disregards your time and employs a condescending receptionist, make an appointment to see grumpy Dr. Meggan Mackay.


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