Avoidance is not always the best policy.

Today I was formally diagnosed with FM and will probably come away with a ME diagnosis as well. Here's the thing, I was already diagnosed when I was 17 years old. Back when it was “all in your head", and having comorbid illnesses only solidified the idea of it just being in my head. In all my doctor's appointments, I have never mentioned this diagnosis. Never. I didn't want to be accused of being a hypochondriac or worse; q malingerer. How do I feel now? I want to cry. For all the things I've lost. For all the things I never had, for all the things I can forget about ever having.

Have Fibromyalgia

I was diagnosed with Fibro in 2009 by an excellent neurologist. I had a sleep-study test which showed I had "nonrestorative" sleep. I have been taking topamax for migraines; ambien for sleep; melatonin for sleep; klonopin for anxiety; cymbalta for fibro.; armour thyroid for Hashimoto's; worsening low back pain; sciatica; fibro fog; sjogren's; arthritis, and carpal tunnel in both wrists. My present neurologist tapered me off klonopin. I still have anxiety especially now that I am older. I exercise, however, it isn't easy as I will have residual pain later.

Water on brain and Fibro

After almost 20 years of suffering with fibro an extraordinary thing has happened. I was having dementia problems and was sent for a brain MRI.I was diagnosed with HYDROCEPHALITIS, water on the brain. Six weeks ago I had a brain shunt put in. It has been a Godsend. The bonus is that my fibro has quieted down. I haven't asked the neurologist about this yet, but thought I would share.

Feeling sooo sick

I was diagnosed with fibro 3 years ago & was started by my rheumatologist on Cymbalta. It helped a lot for the first couple of years, but then I got all the side effects of the medication. After trying different remedies prescribed by my rheum. and primary care, I almost weaned off the Cymbalta which, in my opinion, is a horrible drug.

Do you have Endometriosis as well?

My doctor and I suspect that I have endometriosis... my friend has fibromyalgia and and endometriosis as well and I have heard about a lot of women having both... and even that their fibromyalgia "hid the symptoms of their endo, allowing thier endo to progress for a long time before they found out that they had it. I was just wondering if anyone has both conditions and if anyone would know the connection between both conditions?

Fibro flare short term prednisolone use.

Diagnosis fibromyalgia chronic pain tiezites (feels like broken ribs. Everyday for life) disease. 2014 my physical health came to sudden crisis. Exposure to life changing event triggered physical pain. "The body remembers trauma" My specialist GP prescribed a low almost non therapeutic dose of prednisolone over a week period sliding scale. I am also hypersensitive to all medication after a"NDE"resus (CCU 10 days) anesthetic adverse reaction morphine overdose during emergency spinal surgery (surg successful)

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Fibro dejection

My first blog. I have had alot of fibro symptoms for many many years. Im 58 now but the pain, sleep and other problems started probably 20 years first I thought it was just from work but it got worse as time went on. 5 years ago I started telling my wife something was wrong, didnt know how much longer i could keep doing my job. I worked at an meat processing plant on the cold side. I would miss a lot of work due to "flu symptoms. Finally 3 years ago i could not walk into the cold anymore. Dr.