Day 42

Well I am back and trying to post a bit more. It has been a wild ride trying to manage my house on my own and dealing with bills.
The weather is warming up and I am getting outside more. My yard is full of wildflowers and a few tulips are popping up everywhere.
Been working on this house trying to clean it out and fix it up. I tore out the very old carpets and am patching wall board holes and getting a bedroom ready for me.
I work on it a few hours a day then lose energy and have to sit and rest for long periods of time.
I hate it when my legs get weak and my arms stop working. Sometimes the pain is unbearable and I hobble around like a very old women. But i try hard to keep my spirits high even on the bad days.
I hope your all doing well and trying like me to focus forward and leave the painful thoughts behind. :)

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