You could call me a veteran at Fibro

I've had it for some 30 years. I've tried Everything,,, literally. I know every pain associated with this disease. And most medications. Some days I feel like passing on as the pain has grown so bad over the years. But I found that with my pain Meds and mostly stopping what I'm doing, being at ease with and at One with to what I'm doing helps as I'm looking at it rather that letting it look at me. Stop, relax, breathe deep and slow. Make everything you do a pleasure instead of hurrying to get through, instead of nervously and blindly doing your chores.
It's different when you are working with other people or children, as they cannot know what you are enduring.Take breaks,,, turn off tv, music etc.Go where it's Quiet and rest a while. Always breath deep and slow. Litely 'tense' muscles that hurt while breathing in. UN tense while breathing out. Be calm. When most all fails, relax, even if like me it takes hours or days. Be at one with your inner calm. In time, you can manage it better with will, plus your Meds. Eat no junk food. No soda, tea. Stay natural as possible. Many body products have harmful elements. Avoid these too. You're beautiful inside, no need to poison your body with needless harsh chemicals. Remember,,, Stop, think on what you're doing, relax. Work slower. Be at one with your labors. You can find peace in everything, if you do these things.

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