Hope For The Future!

Here I sit on the sofa looking out at the blue sunny sky. I can't move around too much because of a fractured knee so I must continue to stare out the window and wish I could go out. I feel like a prisoner. I feel like a pest. I have needs, things I must do and things that need to be done like getting groceries, and doing laundry. I have a wonderful husband who has been able to drive me here and there, but he works and can't always do all the things that need to be done.

He bought me a wheelchair. At first I was horrified at having one, but now I kinda like it. I have a new found respect for anyone who must use a wheelchair. It's so hard to do so many things! Everything is so high up I can't reach the soap to wash my hands...

But, it won't always be this way!
I have complete faith that I will rise above all this and become a fresh, new, totally revived spirit.

The faith I have comes from knowing my creator. My Heavenly Father does not make any mistakes. He has his own timing which is always perfect and when the time is right He will heal me.

For now I will sit here on my sofa looking out at the bright sunny day and wait for that Perfect Time.

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