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    I am worried things are happening in canada and I would like to know if special prayer chain needs to be started. I had only heard of your name really didn't know you actuall existed as a user Al has been missing richard isn't answering questions and I know you are working hard on the site and I could care less about us losing posts buttons edits et cetera just want to make sure everyone is healthy we also haven't hear from barry if you can help I know it would ease a lot of minds
    Thank you
    The changes are regular updates. Regarding Al, he's not been well lately unfortunately. Regarding moderator status, it's been removed to plug a known security issue with the forum software.
    David- alot of us are very concerned. You've been making lots of changes with not much of an explaination. Also- we've noticed Al hasnt been on in over a week. Thats not like him. rcharlton isnt a moderator anymore either. Can we get some answers please? Thank you.
    Yes, navigate to your "User CP" and get to your private messaging inbox... below the folder contents is a drop down that you can change to "sent items".
    Is there a way to retrieve private messages sent? I only see the panel but they're for sending etc. I may be missing something! Thank you.

    I can't understand how to start a new jokes thread! In honour of Glen Brittle, I would like to!
    Can the tea thread be opened under a new name?
    Why is the Come To Tea thread closed? Is it closed permanently? Just wondering. Aaaaaaaaaaaa!
    Hi David, I've been wondering if there'd be room on the site for a section for cals who've lost their pals. A support section I guess. Different from the in memory section. As well as being a support for the cals it would mean those who don't want to read it don't have to...a bit like the do I have or even the in memoriam section. You may not think its a good idea but I thought I'd ask since the idea has been with me a while and isn't going away.
    Hi David,

    How do I remove the facebook thingy from my postings don't know how I put it on but don't like it help please x
    Thank you for deleting the post from rebock... I had no clue what he was talking about!
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