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  • hello vicky I wish to say goodbye to you but didn't get a chance . so I risk as one last chance since The ban will never ge lift again and it would be so sad to have lost contact with you whom I hold very dear. try email me at [email protected] if you could ok? love you very much . Goodbye my dearest friend.
    I've seen people- including a close family friend- experience relief from their fibro with a new nutrition supplement. I'd be happy to share more info if you'd be interested in look into it. My goal is to help as many people as possible find relief from their pain without medical prescriptions. I can't imagine life with chronic pain or fatigue
    Thanks for the warm welcome! I also have noticed that I am moving slowly - with me it is also stiffness and this instability I feel. But I always try to make light of it - keep smiling and laughing is my motto!
    Hey Vicky! Welcome to one of the best places for help. When Im super fatiged I feel like my arms and legs are dead weight, also short of breath and dizzy. On a mild fatige, Im movei g slower than the average, I think it has to do with brainfog.
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