1. K

    Suggestions for Medicinal Cannabis

    I am a 100% newbie to cannabis. I have never even seen marijuana before, so I need some super basic advice. I just applied for a card in VA. I have tried so many different medications so I want to see if any cannabis products will help me. I cannot smoke or vape. Could anyone recommend a...
  2. M

    My Alternatives.

    Did you believe that the cannabis as also known as only for addiction is now can be your alternative medicine? Cannabis now has many benefits that will be good for your health. Cannabis oil is produced by extracting the resin of the female cannabis plant using a solvent. After the resin is...
  3. B


    Hey! I'm a newbie here, and very glad I found this forum. I was diagnosed with fibro late last year by my psychiatrist, after being refused by rheumatology in two different provinces. I currently take Lyrica and am doing well with it, and plan on starting CBD oil when cannabis becomes legal in...
  4. S

    i'm so tired

    this is my first post here, i was diagnosed in november of 2017. i dont even know what to do. i cant function without using cannabis concentrates to stop my muscle spasms and pain, i work long days that kill me and i hate complaining because i know everyone else is tired as well. i've been...
  5. R

    Fibro newbie

    Hi all, apologies for what may be some dumb questions, but i have only recently been diagnosed with FM and i seem to have more questions than answers at the moment! Q1. I seem to tick many of the 'ailments' boxes, but not all, especially when i read about the amount of pain that many of you...
  6. N

    Nerve pain

    Hi! I've been having a lot of nerve pain lately. I use Tramadol (50mg) because it shuts down the pain center in my brain. That, and cannabis, are the only two things that seem to work. Now the problem is; cannabis is illegal where I live (you can't even get a prescription for medicinal...
  7. R

    Pain medications with no prescription required

    No Advertising On This Forum. No Medications Sold Here.
  8. M

    Medical Marijuana Exchange

    Medical Marijuana Exchange is the only medical community to support and promote the medical benefits of merijuana and cannabis against diseases such as ADD and ADHD, Fibromyalgia, Endocrine Disorders, etc.
  9. C

    Should I care?

    I'm mostly only making this post because someone I care about told me I should look for more answers. I've only had fibromyalgia for about 4 years, and the first year or so I could still kind of function but it's slowly become worse and worse. For a long time I tirelessly pursued relief and...
  10. DoobieBrother

    Sex and FM

    I thought long and hard about this post....hmm, maybe not the best choice of words with which to begin such a thread !:shock: Lemmee try again ;) I'd like to know if other men have similar difficulties when it comes to marital relations, FM, and opiates. If dealing with pain, lack of sleep...