1. R

    Something to live for

    Many people are leading disoriented lives because they have become jaded and lost touch with what makes their lives tick. For someone living with FM, life is a daily struggle sometimes against a host of discomforts. It is easy to get lost in the maze and despair might set in. The remedy? Looking...
  2. T

    Oh crappy day

    I suffer from fibro and CFS. My husband doesn't take me seriously and constantly reminds me how the house, bills etc have been neglected. My only support was my mother and she just text me to tell me to get it together, to give it to god. That my marriage and pain is affecting her life. I'm...
  3. K

    Hi from MO

    Hi there. I'm Kalli, 28 from Missouri. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Syndrome at the age of 26. It's been thought I've had it all my life. The 27th of this month I had serotonin syndrome that sent me to the hospital. My doctor is weaning me off of Cymbalta to put me on Savella...
  4. L

    Five trips to ER this week with my hubby. Exhausted!

    My sweet guy who is disabled so mostly understands my challenges got knocked low this week with an unrelenting bout of Cyclic Vomiting. Since we are back in Maine, it took 5 trips to the ER before one contacted docs in WA and found out that I did know the treatment protocol that works...
  5. J

    Can homeopathic doctors help

    There are many different types of doctors out there in our great big world. Finding the right one maybe as easy as asking yourself how you want to feel the rest of your life. Do you want to feel free from drugs, or full of as many as your body can handle to ease the chonic pain Fibromyalgia...
  6. J

    New Member Hello

    Hello Friends, I am a 65 year old female retired public school teacher. I had to retire in 1997 when I was diagnosised with FM. I had taught second grade 5 years and first grade 23 years. I enjoyed teaching and grieved very much when I had to retire at the age of 50. I was in an inner city...
  7. C

    Something I'd Like to Share

    I know that not everyone on this board is a Christian, but I am and I can't help but share this with you. I have been going through an incredibly hard time in my life dealing with family betrayal and following that, financial and emotional harassment from the people I was supposed to be able to...
  8. N

    Mother and daughter with Fibromyalgia

    Hello everyone,I am Nana. I am new here. Happy to find someone that can understand what we all go through. My daughter also has fibro. If there is anything good about this is that we can support each other. I hope to make new friends here and help anyone if I can. I am a Christian and I do...