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Apr 10, 2013
I know that not everyone on this board is a Christian, but I am and I can't help but share this with you. I have been going through an incredibly hard time in my life dealing with family betrayal and following that, financial and emotional harassment from the people I was supposed to be able to trust. While trying to care for my child that needs specialized medical care that they were trying to prevent him from getting because "he was a boy and they develop late," and they thought we should watch and wait instead of participating in early intervention therapy.

Throughout this time, I have gone on a board and posted prayers and have seen results and changes as God has worked through my life and has done so much to help my son and I and even our little dog. I was completely helpless in this situation and without God, I have no idea...I mean His hand has been here on me. My situation isn't perfect yet, but I'm praying now harder than ever before because He told me that He can't help me if I don't ask Him because that is the gift of free will He gave to all of us.

He is so meek and humble and loving and I realize how many times we try to just take our livelihood, our healing and our personal lives into our own hands, and don't pray until we are completely helpless and throw up our hands and say I give up, you take this God," when He wants to be in our lives all along and might have helped us earlier if it was His Will for us.

So I just wanted to share that. Maybe if it might help someone to remember to pray. The website I go to and others pray for me and I pray for others too is called, but I'm sure any Christian prayer board you go on where people pray for others is okay as long as they're true believers. In the meantime, I am praying for everyone on this board and will lift up this board in prayer to others.
i enjoyed your post very much and I wish for you the best in healing and care for your child. I have encouraged prayer as a means to dealing with the pain and anger and depression caused by fibro, and have personally seen how having God, in my life pulled me through times that without Him I would have been lost.
So the fact that you are reaping the benefits of believing and praying, in your life and your son's life is truely a blessing. I hope you will continue to come here and post and let us know how you are doing. By the way, welcome to the forum. I hope you can get some tips on dealing with the disappointments brought on by family members and friends, that make each problem one has to face a lot harder without their support. I am thankful you have the one above to guide you and direct your life according to His will.
Look forward to reading your posts around the forum. :)
Hi Candygirl, your words and faith are quite inspirational. I am so glad that you have such a strong faith and belief in God. You are so right when you say we sometimes don't even think of praying till we are desperate and everything is falling apart. I must admit I am guilty of this myself. It is true that we should think of God and prayer on a daily basis but as I have said I do not always do this. But you have brought this to an interesting light. Even if someone is not a christian, to believe in a higher power is so important. It gives such a sense of comfort to have a belief system in place.
What a great post to read! Thank you for sharing your experience. I know the power of prayer, too... and I have gotten to the point where I'm not waiting for a crisis to pray, and that's a good feeling. In the past I didn't always remember that very important concept.

I'm so glad that things are starting to work out for you and your son!
I feel you. There are times that I want to question God how are these things happening to me. I never failed to give praise, to be gratieful to small and big blessings and miracles, to do good deeds, to basically live a Christian life. But despite all the goodness, holiness, and hardwork, something always comes up, especially in financial matters. Just when financial matters are dwindling and depleting, I lost my job. How great could that be? But I told myself that I had to carry on and all these things are part of God's plan. If it takes to suffer and to sacrifice in order to make his plan realized, there is no questioning that. All I have are His hands to lift me whenever I fall. I often talk to Him and say "I put everything in Your hands and I completely trust your plan." I am now slowly moving, not yet moving up, but at least I am moving. I got a new job that pays so low, you would not believe why I accepted that job, but for me, it is still one of God's miracles. Better have that low-paying job than nothing. Again, that low-paying job might be part of His plan. And I trust that.
Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading your post. I'm glad that you have found something to help you through tough times and give you strength. It's not a bad thing to let people know you are Christian and what your beliefs are. I find it refreshing. I do try to keep the teachings we grew up with in mind but I have to admit that I am often asking -why? I should be saying thank you more often. I need to keep that focus.
I have been praying my bottom off for several years. First I would like to know the Lord better. Second, I need help with problems such as health and finances. Each day I wake up, I hope for and expect a miracle! Each day I am disappointed.
I think about war and strife and abuse and I have to wonder, where is God for all this?
I am so pleased he is helping you through your trials. You are obviously more worthy than I.
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