1. A


    Fibromyalgia-diagnosed Hello everyone, My name is Athina and i am from Greece. I am 28 years old and recently before a month and a half i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia,afer 5 years of endless running to the doctors for pain in the hands, in my back, in my legs and making all kind of exams...
  2. M

    After 30 years of Fibro, I am finally feeling Human again.

    This is my first post. I just have to tell someone how to get better. I was diagnosed back in 1991, when the term was relatively new. I managed to limp through work using FMLA until 2000 til I was almost ready to die.(2 of those years I was on leave for clinical depression) I did not start...
  3. Sagey

    "Another Fibro Medication bites the dust"

    Hi all, An article about National Pain dated 7/2017 revealed that, Three drugs were upcoming for the treatment of Fibro Unfortunately 2 of them did not pass clinical trials. TNT-102 and Mirogabilin were found to be ineffective in Fibromyalgia. IMC1 the third med will go into clinical trails...
  4. Sagey

    Fibromyalgia blood test and vaccine development

    Hi, I was just searching the web and came upon info on a company named Epigenetics.They have developed a blood test for Fibromyalgia and according to them it is 93 percent effective. I looked up the news on this company and it seems the are doing a lot of clinical trials and trying to make...
  5. Sagey

    Benefits of Probiotics!

    Hi, I was reading about the benefits of probiotics and even my Gastroenterologist recommended them.I started them once again because I was in a flare for about 3 weeks with extreme nausea and digestive issues. I happen to find a brand in Rite aid that was $18.00 and contained Vit d and also...
  6. H

    A Physician Who Gets It.

    I posted earlier a link to this article. I didn't realize that registration was needed to view the article. Here is the article. "Vancouver – “We have less power, pharmacologically, than we thought. The vast majority of people are getting adverse effects in return for nothing,” said Dr. Tom...
  7. P

    marine phytoplankton claims to be "effective in treating" fibro: overly optimistic?

    marine phytoplankton claims to be "effective in treating" fibro: overly optimistic? Has anyone heard of marine phytoplankton supplements? I hadn't until my mom started telling me about this powder she was taking that was supposed to be great for... well... all kinds of things. She's using a...
  8. M

    Tired of being sick and tired of everything and anything . feeling like a burden!!!

    Iam a 40 year old women and unfortunately about a year and a half ago I had to move back in with them. I was diagnosed with fibro 2-3 years ago I don't even remember how long ago it was such a an anxiety filled few months. I also was diagnosed with clinical depression at age 17, borderline...
  9. DoobieBrother

    Greetings from the Canadian Maritimes :)

    Hello all, Doobie Brother here, just registered for this forum as after suffering alone for a decade, I need to ... vent :shock: I worked as a medical lab tech for thirty years, but have been on disability for a while now. My interests and passions include all things nerdy, guitar and bass...
  10. S


    I've read many articles correlating magnsium deficiency and fibromyalgia symptoms. For example, Mayo Clinic did a clinical trial of a topical Magnesium solution. They claim to have positive results. Anyone here who has tried Magnesium supplements? Do you feel they're helping? Thank you!