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    Having some symptoms, looking for opinions

    Hi. I would like to give you a history of what I have experienced over the past year and 2 months. (previously healthy, no medical conditions what so ever) April 22 2012. I went to emerg because I was experiencing dizziness and my upper arms and upper legs were tingling. Multiple tests were done...
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    New to fibro, I have many symptoms, like parathesia, dizziness, and Reynaulds
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    Out of "Remission"...

    So, I'm new here, but I'm not new to Fibro. I was diagnosed in October of 2007 while living in NYC. It was brutal. Just so much pain and no answers on how to fix it. The fibro makes me so sensitive to medications I couldn't take anything but AdvilPM and Tramadol - and even that was hit or miss...
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    Blood Tests Okay But Still Having Issues

    Hey all, I have been traveling down this road for nearly 2 years, it started with a motorcycle accident, went into a year of bladder symptoms (urgency, frequency, diagnosed with pelvic floor but still having problems after PT) this whole time I had fog and other issues. NOw that I am trying to...
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    Looking for Answers!

    Hello, I'm a 44 yr old male looking for answer could my problem be fibro.? The last 2 yrs i have had scans,mri's,blood test, stress test, (all normal) changed doctors after being misdiagnosed with meniere's disease, just a long roller coaster. My list of issue are Extreme...
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    Diagnosed with CFS

    Just introducing myself. Hi I was diagnosed with CFS in 1999, following a couple of years of constant viral infections. I was given various blood tests which all came back negative. My white cells were mapped and found to be working properly in response to each infection, but still new...
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    I really need some help! My GP is useless (I am in the process of getting a second opinion). Sorry if this whole list reads like a novel but I need some objective answers from the real people that know and can point me in the direction I need to go, whether that be a neurologist (dr wont refer...