1. Trying2GetHealthy

    New member!

    Hello. My name is Skye. I supposedly developed PTSD & Fibromyalgia around the same time. My PTSD was misdiagnosed for years. My fibromyalgia was supposedly all in my head. Life became chaotic. I had no one to tell me what to do or where to get help for my different issues. I was diagnosed in...
  2. M

    U Tube.....Great educational study about Fibromyalgia University of California

    Please watch (listen ) to Andrew J. GROSS,MD. Go on utube, he has a wealth of information.
  3. sleepygrumpydopey

    Just diagnosed, frustrated, and Humbled!

    Hi there, My journey: My mother had RA and used to tell me she was "crippled after I was born" and couldn't walk for weeks. I used to laugh at her silently and think she was being a little dramatic, couldn't believe that was true. After my daughter was born, I was 29, I have head to toe...
  4. F

    Great Book for FM/CFS Suffers

    Hi: I feel it is important that I share this information with you, I am certain that anyone with FM/CFS/ME will gain a wealth of knowledge from this book. It is called "CFS Unravelled" by Dan Neuffer.] The auther lives in Austrailia and they use the phrase "CFS" for fibromyalgia as well as...
  5. G

    Dear Friends

    Dear Friends If you or a loved one has struggled with one of the following disorders: Diabetes, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Interstitial Cystitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, candida yeast infections or Systemic Candidiasis, Infertility, an environmental disease such as chemical or heavy metal...