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Feb 13, 2013
Hi: I feel it is important that I share this information with you, I am certain that anyone with FM/CFS/ME will gain a wealth of knowledge from this book. It is called "CFS Unravelled" by Dan Neuffer.] The auther lives in Austrailia and they use the phrase "CFS" for fibromyalgia as well as chronic fatigue syndrome. This is an e-book and can be found at If you don't have an e-reader, I would suggest going to the author's web site. He provides a link to a free Kindle e-reader as well as information about his book. His web site is Dan Neuffer was a physisist when he was struck with FM/CFS. He had a severe case wherein he couldn't work and barely get out of bed. After 6 years, he hit the medical libraries and searched the web high and low. His book offers an explanation of how we get these disorders and he also give an explanation of how to begin to heal our bodies.
My functional medicine physician read the e-book and she gave it her full backing.

I recently finished reading it and it does make total sense to me. I am now on my journey to healing my body. I'll keep you posted on how things turn out. In the meantime I highly recommend spending the $ 8.99 and read it yourself. By the way, whenever I read, I tend to fall asleep. What I did was after I opened the e-book, I turned on my Microsoft Narrator (It is installed with most computers.) and had the computer read the book to me. I listened while taking a bath, I brought my laptop in the car with me to listen as well. There are links along the way wherein you can print out charts and other important information. It was created for those who need easy things.:lol:
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