1. Trellum

    My feet!

    I've a serious problem with my feet, but it's hard to notice because I don't walk a lot. I've noticed not only my heels hurt if I stand up for too long, but also the frontal part of the sole. I don't know how normal is this, it happens more often with some shoes than with others. Is someone...
  2. P

    Does any of this sound familiar?

    Hi there - I'm new and am really glad that y'all are out there to be helpful and supportive to those of us who are figuring stuff like this out. I have never been diagnosed with Fibro, but some people have mentioned it to me lately, and a few things have really started to sound familiar, so I...
  3. J

    B12 shots

    hello, I have fibromyalgia for the last 10 years and have tried every treatment possible. The one thing that helped me the most with the fog and fatigue was b 12 shots. My neurologist told me that they are finding people feel much better when their b12 levels are 450 or higher. No side effects...
  4. C

    Hi, I just joined today!

    Hi, My name is Courtney, I am a 21 year old living in Ky. I guess I should start from the beginning. I've had back pain all my life, when I was a kid I was diagnosed with Spondylosis, which is basically fractures in my vertebrae. Years later I now work at a small chiropractic office. The doctor...
  5. S

    Car accident and fibromyalgia

    Hi, this might be a little long but i was hoping to get some opinions from those who have been through the diagnosis of fibro. A little medical background: I have always been an active, healthy person and grew up going to the gym with my family. In college, I am 24 and married now, I was...
  6. A

    What symptoms do you get?

    Hi folks, I'm newly diagnosed and frankly a bit down about it as it can't be cured. Usually it's as simple as taking a pill and you will start to feel better! I suffer with aching/swollen feeling ankles, feet, hands and shoulders but also have pain in my back. I am just exhausted and seem to go...
  7. F

    anyone unsteady on feet, needing cane?

    I've had such problems with pain in my feet all summer, causing me to feel very unsteady, especially when getting up from sitting and trying to walk or stepping on or off a curb, etc. I'm continually needing to hold on to hubby or anything nearby to steady me. I'm thinking I may be about ready...
  8. MizzDeeDee

    Hands cramp up?

    How about this symptom? Does anyone have this issue as well? Besides my hands just hurting, they'll literally cramp up and the muscles will spasm! It's pretty bad if I'm doing something like coloring with my daughter. My thumb will literally spasm and cramp over into my palm! I'll literally...