1. S

    Itch hands and feet

    Been a weird little ride with itching/allergies and it’s got me wondering what the chances are that fibro is causing my hands and feet to itch (and occasionally other things). Suspected that it was a soap but the itching continues even after I stopped using.
  2. UhOhNedio

    Lower leg/Foot pain

    Hey all, I have a question. Why are my feet hurting soooooo bad? Especially my heels. It feels like I've been standing or walking on concrete all day, and when I go to bed my lower legs and feet just ache. Backstory, (which I know is part of it but not all of it) all those sports and...
  3. C

    Did anyone start with these symptoms?

    I have had 4 "episodes" since June of 2018. I woke up one morning and hurt all over like I had the flu. The bones in my feet felt like they were crunching together. Every joint hurt. My hands/fingers/wrists were stiff and painful. I wanted to sleep all day long. I had a painful spot to...
  4. L


    Does anyone else have sensitivity to the loud noise and bright lights from fireworks? My daughter was performing yesterday at a fairly big festival with the band she’s in at school and we were all given the opportunity to stay on for the fireworks display after. I was really reluctant because...
  5. A

    New to thread: Skin burning symptoms

    Hello, I’m new to this forum & would first of all like to say hi. My mother was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 10 years ago & in the past 3 years she has experienced a severe burning sensation on her body but mainly in her feet & legs, which stops her from sleeping as it’s so intense. She...
  6. M

    Saying Hi

    Hi everyone Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm recently diagnosed (though suffered at least 3 yrs previously )43yr old Fibro mum who also has depression and anxiety and possible spondyloarthritis . Im a carer also for both my daughters with different diagnosis and my husband has aspergers...
  7. A

    My Story! Please read and respond

    Hello all! I've been reading some of your stories for a day or so and I figure I join up and share mine. However I don't know if what I have is fibro but I want to share what I been experiencing for quite a while. Back in 2016 I work up one morning with lower back pain, it wasn't extremely...
  8. C

    Weakness. Is it fibro?

    Hi guys, I have been having issues since I had my first Caesarian back in November 2011 and it's been getting progressively worse. My mom had Fibromyalgia and is convinced that's my issue but I'm not so sure. I don't get a lot of pain which is primarily what fibro is, as far as I know. I do...
  9. B

    Hi from Texas

    Hello to all. My name is Donna and I was diagnosed with FM about 3 years ago. What a trip it has been. I lost my mother last year and then went into a 5 month flare. I am experiencing some new symptoms lately and wondering if anyone else it too. 1. Stiffness in shoulders. 2. Crackling...
  10. Sagey

    Numbness in both feet

    ]Hi guys, Has anyone with Fibro experience numb feet continuously. Mine started 2 weeks ago very numb on the soles of my feet, but hasn’t gone away.I don’t have Diabetes,’ and this is kinda scary because it does affect the wake I walk and sense things. I had an MRI to make sure my back hasn’t...